lördag 26 september 2009


Decided to remove this as it's mostly like a chainletter. I know that everybody who comments my blog and who I comment knows how much I appreciate that ayway :-)

It's pure inspiration, thanks a lot!!!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Christina, Thank you most Heartily for the Honour that you offer me in this, but I am afraid that I must decline. Others have honoured me in this way and I have declined to do so, as I don't like the way this thing is spread. I much prefer that you honour me (and others) with your nice comments, I try to make my comments humourous but that is my nature. A nice comment from a nice person however is all the honour any of us need. Please don't be offended as I do appreciate the thought behind it, I just won't spread the award is all, because everyone that is a member of the challenge is an inspiration to me. Thank You.

  2. thank you for this lovely award! So kind of you, you have touched my heart and inspired a smile. As hard as the decision has been, I have decided not to pass awards on anymore. I want to give them to everyone. I hope you understand! Lovely to get to know you in blogworld!

  3. jag håller med. Jag satte in den men har inte skickat vidare eller länkat till föregående.
    Visst blir det som kedjebrev. Jag fick den från 4 st tror jag innan det tog slut.

  4. appreciation really does get shared in our comments! warmth to you.